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Observing God

Observing God

von: Brian Webster

BookBaby, 2016

ISBN: 9781483576022 , 200 Seiten

Format: ePUB

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Observing God


God’s usurpers
At many points throughout this recorded history, a man has claim to speak for God or act for God. Some, but few of these men, have done so with good intentions. Irregardless of the initial intent, it is the practice of usurping, that must be evaluated. These men have always assumed the power and authority, that their various Gods have had over other humans, as their own. These same men, have used that power to dictate to others, almost exclusively through fear and pain. Humans must always question anything God demands for reasons of fear and/or pain. Especially, when it comes through a human.
Following the prime usurper, there are always other usurpers along the way. Each consecutive usurper in a particular religious view, has always expanded upon or added to the original limitations placed on God and humans. Far too many people continue this terrible habit of usurping God without even questioning for themselves.
Right up to today, everyone has at one point or many, played the role of a usurper. Many do so out of ignorance. Many more, usurp through fear and pain, frequently and deliberately. Some call God’s name upon the kind things they do. If You gotta take something from God, I guess it’s best to use it for the infliction of kindness.
The greatest insult anyone of all beliefs can ever inflict, is to arrogantly usurp their Gods. Consider for a moment how you feel when someone puts words in your mouth. Consider further, that someone performs an act of hostility or cruelty and blames you. Everyone has experienced at least one moment of confusion, while trying to defend oneself against rumors and accusations.
I have been able to make this assessment with relative ease. My hope is that the rest of you can begin to see, the insult and error that you pay to God every time you behave this way. When this behavior is observed as an insult, it can become more clear how often humans do this. If you care about God as much as you say, then you’ll want to be a bit more careful what you blame God for.
It may be hard at first, but censorship of one’s language and actions is a crucial remedy to this ignorant activity. Through such self-evaluations, humans will become stronger, fairer, and intrinsically clearer. The more transparent humans become, the more likely humans are to own their statements and actions.
Consider an atheist for a moment. Oh I know what you’re thinking, but step outside of what the usurpers have programmed you to think. Observe how they conduct themselves, the efforts an atheist will make to be fair and helpful. These conducts are produced without the guidance of religion or a usurper’s demands of fear and obedience. How can this be, that an atheist behaves better than all you religious nuts?
If you need a good reference, there are many outlets. You can watch Bill Maher. You could listen to a real scientist and not a religious scientist. After observing many schools of religion and then observing atheists, it’s clear that an atheist has a stronger intrinsic measure. Every religious person in the world should take stock of how someone without a God to usurp, is behaving better than all the people usurping their God’s.
Men have always usurped God as a means of justifying actions, that they themselves may very likely disagree with, in all fairness. More often than not, God is always called to excuse the most terrible human behaviors. At some point children, you will need to realize that, you who usurp, are the most blasphemous and petty. Have some decency for yourself and some respect for God.
The prime usurper and ever usurper that follows, adds a new limitation for both humans and God. This compounding ignorance is absorbed by nearly every new child. This great insult of human ignorance, is passed on generation after generation, ever continuing to inflict upon God.
As a person of God, I try to be fair-minded and find lesson in many unexpected places. An atheist lives by intrinsic measures alone. When I observed an atheist like Bill Maher expressing concerns for the world, all its inequality, and all its hostility, it encourages me to want to do better. Why do many of you not received the same divine response? I suppose it’s the difference between how an immature and mature mind process the same information.
Today humans have access to more information, than at any point in this recorded history. It is a distinct possibility, that humans just aren’t used to having an abundance of facts so readily available. It could also be that humans are so addicted to fear and pain, that they’re not ready to grow up and question everything. Whatever the reason, the ignorance and arrogance continues still. It is well past time for all humans who claim to be God’s people, to start acting like people of God.
I would like to challenge all humans to step out of their programming. Try to step out of your religious views. Try really really hard to put down the supremacy complex, that was issued to you by one of God’s unfortunate usurpers. They are advising everyone through such arrogant ignorance. There is one final thing to remove from your congested evaluations of yourself, the notion that you have a saving grace that covers your ass, for the stupid things you do.
Observe now through uncorrupted eyes. How fairly can you, and will you evaluate yourself? What real merit in your conduct do you truly possess, if it’s just you and God. imagine that the rest of the things, that you’ve been told, don’t exist. how do you really treat God?
In order for any human, of all religious views, to claim to be a person of God, it is critical to remember to put God first. all doctrine were written by the lesser half of the human race. The male half of the human race. God did not take ink to paper, chisel to stone, or whatever was used to record at the time. You can put that down any time, so you can consider God before you consider the usurper.
I feel it is also important to be fair, and acknowledge that religions have helped unify people. Religions have also given humans who don’t know how to behave on their own, some encouragement to do so. However, we can currently review the effects of religious role and supremacy. Throughout this current recorded history, humans can clearly measure just how important it is to have a separation of church and law.
It is important to remember that anyone who claims to speak or act for God, is a usurper. This includes but is not limited to, the Pope and all of the religious celebrities throughout human awareness. It is your responsibility to commune with God individually. The usurpers are not God, and can only provide you with their limited arrogance and threats.
I would like to advise all humans, to be very careful. Be sure that what you do and say in the name of God, is truly for God, and not for yourself in the name of God. The latter of this would be clearly measured as blasphemy and a terrible insult to God. Such small and seemingly insignificant behavior, places you as a usurper and an insult to God.
There is a disturbing trend among the traditions of religion. Humans are constantly worshiping the usurper, the religion, and forgetting all about God. I’m going to reiterate children, and you’ll likely hear me say this many times throughout the book that you’re reading. God goes on first. Whatever you want to put on after that is up to you, but God goes on the first. This is the proper way to get dressed.
It is a good time for humans to wake up and judge their religious leaders, judge themselves, measure the distance between you and God, and everything you place between. Take into consideration just how far all humans have been led away from God, while blindly following in the programming as you do.
This behavior of blind obedience, is in direct opposition to the intelligence God has invested in you all. This behavior has also and frequently, led to catastrophe for the greater masses. We have nothing to fear from God and intelligence. We have everything to fear from usurpers of God. The usurpers are the ones always warning about the end of days, that they themselves are bringing upon everyone.
Avoid following the usurpers of the world, until you have developed your own relationship with God. At the point which you have developed an intrinsic system of fair and proper measure, then returning to your religious views. It will be easier to represent the good aspects of your religion. It will be easier to avoid paying insult to God and unnecessary infliction upon other.
The usurpers of the world are losing followers and they know this. The obvious seems to escape them. People are tired of God being represented as a cruel, selfish dick. The usurpers are the ones who are turning people away from God, through their actions and promises of fear and pain. It is sad to see that people who claim to speak and act for God, have consistently been the enemy of God and the evils of the world. It’s a lot like watching an oxymoron in process. Wait a minute, it is an oxymoron in process.
If at any point and administrator of religion speaks of celebrating actions of death and destruction, it falls then to all people to question and judge this conduct. Such conduct is in clear contrast to what has been spoken of God’s love and compassion.
All humans should be encouraged to re-evaluate how they represent their God. A corrective lens, if you will, should be utilized to avoid acting and speaking like a usurper. One of the greatest things about being human, is that...