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Masquerade marketing or Exposing. Conversation with events

Masquerade marketing or Exposing. Conversation with events

von: Violetta Loseva

Strelbytskyy Multimedia Publishing, 2019

ISBN: 9783966103916 , 177 Seiten

Format: ePUB

Kopierschutz: Wasserzeichen

Windows PC,Mac OSX für alle DRM-fähigen eReader Apple iPad, Android Tablet PC's Apple iPod touch, iPhone und Android Smartphones

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Masquerade marketing or Exposing. Conversation with events


Regrettably, marketing is nothing more than PERSONAL EXPERIMENTS. No matter how narrow the circle of people to whom you trust any deep-seated techniques, you cannot be sure that this knowledge falls into the right hands ... Or maybe, implanting, imposing your opinion, products, services, reliable methods, , skills and ways, is it time to think about an antidote? Teachers have become more than students. There are more writers than readers. Sellers have become more than customers. Despite the fact that in Internet marketing you will not see how a customer nods his head, confirming his agreement with your thoughts, comfort and mutual 'pleasantness' of communication is one of the main elements of any promotion program. The fact is that internet marketing is also marketing. And, above all, marketing. The same as all the others. People moved to social networks, and marketing moved after them. And not vice versa!