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Braiding Light - Through the Eye of the Needle

Braiding Light - Through the Eye of the Needle

von: Monti Scribner, Sandra Lee Washart

BookBaby, 2020

ISBN: 9781543991536 , 100 Seiten

Format: ePUB

Kopierschutz: frei

Windows PC,Mac OSX für alle DRM-fähigen eReader Apple iPad, Android Tablet PC's Apple iPod touch, iPhone und Android Smartphones

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Braiding Light - Through the Eye of the Needle


A noticeable, landmark change is occurring within the human frequency to upgrade those prepared to take the next step in evolution. Fracturing the illusion of third dimensional existence, these messages offer illuminating insights that help us to understand the connection with our cosmic family, the human experiment, and our transformative next steps. in a genre increasingly accepted for its transformative impact, this channeled book clearly and powerfully articulates the changing nature of reality and the new frontier in the evolution of consciousness. For the authors, writing this book has been an adventure filled with surprises and revelations. When Guidance provided a list of subjects, they decided to channel separately on one subject at a time, and entered the messages received into a shared online document. They greeted each day with anticipation as they read each others' messages, which later became the content for the chapters. Unless otherwise indicated, this book is composed of the unedited words of the authors' channeled Guidance as they offer new perspectives on the evolution of consciousness and the ultimate metamorphosis of humankind. It takes you beyond the perceived limitations of accepted reality and opens your mind to transformative concepts. This is a book of exploration for the adventurous heart and mind, providing insights on: How to discern the difference between illusion and reality. What we can expect to happen for the planet to evolve. The transformation of the human species. The Ascension process. 'The perception that you are an individual has guided your choices up to now, without unifying you with all aspects of your Being. Consider that you are an aspect of a team of allies creating your life experience as a representative on Earth. How do you view it then?'