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Curling For Dummies

Curling For Dummies

Bob Weeks


Verlag For Dummies, 2020

ISBN 9781119691815 , 368 Seiten

2. Auflage

Format PDF

Kopierschutz DRM


16,99 EUR

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Curling For Dummies


  • Discover curling's fascinating origins
  • Explore different kinds of shots and when to use them
  • Enter and play in curling events
Your ultimate guide to curling Whether you're a rookie or a seasoned player, fan, or coach, this is the curling book for you, From game fundamentals to complex strategy, here you'll find everything you need to get the most out of the game, Become familiar with the broom, the rock, and the ice, understand the rules and the role of each team member, get into a practice routine, and more, Armed with the many tips and pointers in this fun, friendly book, you'll have no excuse not to head down to your local club and get curling! Inside,,,
  • Explore curling's history from the 1500s to today
  • Discover the brush, stone, hack, house, and button
  • Form a winning team
  • Improve your delivery, shots, and sweeping
  • Master strategy with and without the last rock
  • Enjoy the unique spirit of the game

Bob Weeks is a senior reporter and analyst for The Sports Network in Canada, He was the editor of the Ontario Curling Report for 30 years, and the curling columnist for The Globe and Mail for more than 25 years,