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Harmonious Healing:` - Ancient Wisdom in Modern Times

Harmonious Healing:` - Ancient Wisdom in Modern Times

von: Robert Anthony Kreucher

BookBaby, 2022

ISBN: 9781667821566 , 750 Seiten

Format: ePUB

Kopierschutz: frei

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Harmonious Healing:` - Ancient Wisdom in Modern Times


Having worked as a chiropractor in a home-office in Coconut Grove practicing Energy Medicine aka Vibrational Medicine since 1981, it was thrilling to see a local Detroit author, Richard Gerber, MD publish his tome 'Vibrational Energy Medicine' in 1988. While an excellent scientific resource book, I was looking for relatively simple explanations - suitable for a clever, articulate teenager... Robert Anthony Kreucher realized: If it's going to be... it's up to me! It was first published in 1998 as Harmonious Healing: A Journey in Vibrational Energy Medicine and Essene Living. Essenes were the primal holistic healers from ancient times. Realizing the intimate connection between our thinking body, our feeling body, and out acting body, they exemplified following Mother Nature's Ways as the Key to bring Peace at all levels... experiencing HeartMindBodySpirit as One. When we engage Sacred Breath... we find our Way... hOMe Sweet hOMe! Ancient ways come from the mountains north and east of Mesopotamia, most likely from Caucasus via Persia. Simple farmers living by Mother Nature's Ways migrated down to the Tigris-Euphrates Valley. Some of these farmers went further west, evidenced by the discovery of scrolls in Qumran at the Dead Sea in 1946 transcribed by Essenes. Their cousins to the south, the Therapeutae of Egypt were the Coptic authors of the Nag Hammadi Library discovered in 1945. Therapeutae and Essenes lived far from the congestion and corruption found in cities, where people tend to live out of balance with Mother Nature, where dis-eases flourish. Traditionally these farmer / healers provide a retreat, a Sanctuary for those seeking balance and harmony. Learning about the Sacred Journey Within, they re-connect with the Creator of All... with Mother Earth, Father Sun... and with each other as Sisters and Brothers, nurturing Communion - Love. 2020... our collective Year of 20/20 Vision... implores us to follow Mother Nature's Ways. Harmonious Healing is a valuable tool