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Gut Microbiota in Aging and Chronic Diseases

Gut Microbiota in Aging and Chronic Diseases

Francesco Marotta


Verlag Springer-Verlag, 2023

ISBN 9783031140235 , 443 Seiten

Format PDF

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149,79 EUR

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Gut Microbiota in Aging and Chronic Diseases


This edited volume studies gut microbiota peculiarities in elderly, in senescence-related  and environmental-related alterations of gut microbiota in chronic diseases.
Aging, as a physiological process mediated through several regulatory pathways and transcription factors, is generally speaking associated to a relentless functional decline and increasing risk of chronic diseases. Growing data on gut microbiota quali-quantitative changes in aging gut, and the opportunity to study by advanced NGS and metabolomic technologies, now offers novel horizons to link such changes to disease risks and to theoretically the weapons for gut microbiota intervention as an effective therapeutic tool.
Chapters are divided into clear sections, starting with the aging perspective, then moving from chronic diseases to neurodegenerative diseases and cancer. The final parts focusses on interventions. Contributors are well-reputed and dedicated scientists in clinics and experimental medicine from 4 different continents who have provided their contribution keeping the polar star on aging as a guide while investigating their gut microbiota in occurrence and progression of disease together with proposed preventing, monitoring and therapeutic interventions.
In the wide offer of books on gut microbiota,  this age-thematic volume will be a valuable source of updated information for a wide group of readership including gerontologists, geriatricians, medical specialists of several fields, PhDs, basic scientists and public/private research entities focused on potential intervention in and through  gut ecosystem.
This book will stimulate a large number of basic scientists and clinicians to review their once organ (or cellular line)-specific knowledge and widen either their pathophysiological mechanisms understanding while providing novel ways to prevent, monitor and treat diseases from eyes to bones.

Prof. Francesco Marotta, MD and Specialized in Gastroenterology. Fellow in gastroenterology at Chicago University and then at the University of Cape-Town, S. Africa. Holds the only European Japanese-spoken PhD (granted by Hirosaki University, Japan 1990). Fellow of Japanese Ministry of Science at National Cancer Center, Tokyo. Member of the Chinese Society of pancreatology, Molecular biology stage in UK and Korea. Hon. Research Professor at Dept of Nutrition, Texas W University, USA and Visiting prof. at Nutrition dept, Sichuan University, China and at major institutes in Asia, USA, Japan, China/South-East Asia,Europe and Middle-East. Has directed a research center in Japan and cooperated with (Nobel) Prof. Montagnier.  Advisory member of Nazarbayev University and for the Ministry of Science of Kazakhstan.  Editor-board member of over 30 medical journals. Has received  17 international awards.  Has co-edited 2 successful books on aging-intervention and over 15 book chapters on probiotics, functional foods, peptides and approaches for longevity promotion. Founder of ReGenera R&D International for Aging Intervention working on models of preventive/regenerative medicine cooperated as chairman with VCC Medical Preventive Medicine Promotion, Beijing, China and chairs the Vitality & Longevity Medical Science Commission for WHO-affiliared FEMTEC World Federation. He has published over 220 papers and presented over 450 communications.