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Mathematical Logic - An Introduction

Mathematical Logic - An Introduction

Daniel Cunningham


Verlag Walter de Gruyter GmbH & Co.KG, 2023

ISBN 9783110782073 , 270 Seiten

Format PDF

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Mathematical Logic - An Introduction


Mathematical Logic: An Introduction is a textbook that uses mathematical tools to
investigate mathematics itself. In particular, the concepts of proof and truth are examined.
The book presents the fundamental topics in mathematical logic and presents clear and
complete proofs throughout the text. Such proofs are used to develop the language of
propositional logic and the language of first-order logic, including the notion of a formal
deduction. The text also covers Tarski's definition of truth and the computability concept.
It also provides coherent proofs of Godel's completeness and incompleteness theorems.
Moreover, the text was written with the student in mind and thus, it provides an accessible
introduction to mathematical logic. In particular, the text explicitly shows the reader
how to prove the basic theorems and presents detailed proofs throughout the book. Most
undergraduate books on mathematical logic are written for a reader who is well-versed
in logical notation and mathematical proof. This textbook is written to attract a wider
audience, including students who are not yet experts in the art of mathematical proof.

Daniel W. Cunningham is a Professor Emeritus of Mathematics at SUNY Buffalo State, a
campus of the State University of New York. Daniel received a Ph.D. in Mathematics from
UCLA, specializing in mathematical logic. He currently teaches at California State University
at Fresno. Cunningham's research focus is in set theory, and has recently published
two research papers and two textbooks