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American Lutheranism

American Lutheranism

Friedrich Bente


Verlag Sharp Ink, 2023

ISBN 9788028313241

Format ePUB

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American Lutheranism


'American Lutheranism' in 2 volumes is the record of how the Christian truth, restored by Luther, was preached and accepted, opposed and defended, corrupted and restored in the United States of America at various times, by various men, and in various synods and congregations. The authors main object was to record the principal facts regarding the doctrinal position occupied at various times, either by the different American Lutheran bodies themselves or by some of their representative men. The first volume deals with the early history of Lutheranism in America, while the second presents the history of the synods which in 1918 merged into the United Lutheran Church: the General Synod, the General Council, and the United Synod in the South.