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Advancing (Im)politeness Studies - Cultural, Digital and Emotional Aspects

Advancing (Im)politeness Studies - Cultural, Digital and Emotional Aspects

Chaoqun Xie


Verlag Springer-Verlag, 2023

ISBN 9783031370649 , 230 Seiten

Format PDF

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139,09 EUR

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Advancing (Im)politeness Studies - Cultural, Digital and Emotional Aspects


This volume pushes forward research on (im)politeness by focusing on interpersonal interaction's cultural, digital and emotional aspects. With contributions by established and emerging scholars in the field, this collection explores and expounds, with the combination of solid theoretical foundation and up-close empirical demonstration, how (im)politeness not only gives but also gives off communicative and interpersonal meaning in diverse cultural contexts. Included are chapters on how (im)politeness contributes to the construction of social reality online and in social media and how (im)politeness prompts and is prompted by emotional sensitivities. This book is of interest and value to students and researchers in the field and those keen to know how effective human existence and essence are possible through the lens of (im)politeness.

Chaoqun Xie is a chair professor and director of Institute of Discourse Pragmatics at Zhejiang International Studies University, China. Internet pragmatics and (im)politeness are his current primary scholarly interests. His recent publications include (Im)politeness and Moral Order in Online Interactions (John Benjamins, 2020), Approaches to Internet Pragmatics: Theory and Practice (co-edited with Francisco Yus and Hartmut Haberland, John Benjamins, 2021), The Philosophy of (Im)politeness (Springer, 2021), The Pragmatics of Internet Memes (John Benjamins, 2022), and Self-Praise Across Cultures and Contexts (co-edited with Ying Tong, Springer, 2022).