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Below the Line - A film crew survival guide

Below the Line - A film crew survival guide

Melanie A. Ragone


Verlag BookBaby, 2024

ISBN 9798350936889 , 216 Seiten

Format ePUB

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9,51 EUR

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Below the Line - A film crew survival guide


Below the Line, a film crew survival guide is a personal memoir and practical guide is filled with real-world advice and expert insights. With this informative new book, learn invaluable first-hand knowledge written by veteran below the line crew member, Melanie A. Ragone. Providing readers an honest look behind the scenes, equipping you to thrive in the elusive world of Hollywood. If you've ever wanted a true insider's perspective on the film industry, look no further.

Melanie A. Ragone spent over a decade of her career as a Union first unit Grip. She worked her way up from Production Assistant to Best Boy Grip on some of the largest feature films and television sets in the world. Melanie worked as a Grip on Union feature films and television shows such as The Walking Dead, The Vampire Diaries, The Hunger Games, and Black Panther: Wakanda Forever. Her work was featured in the New York Times article 'What is a Grip? The Few Women Doing the Job in Hollywood Explain'. As a woman who achieved success and leadership roles in a heavily male-dominated field, Melanie is passionate about telling womens' stories and encouraging women to pursue careers in the film industry. She has been a writer for over 20 years and currently resides in Los Angeles. Below the Line is Melanie's first book.