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Tsuji, Interpreters in and Around Early Modern Japan

Tsuji, Interpreters in and Around Early Modern Japan

Mino Saito, Miki Sato


Verlag Palgrave Macmillan, 2023

ISBN 9783031376528 , 206 Seiten

Format PDF

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139,09 EUR

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Tsuji, Interpreters in and Around Early Modern Japan


This book introduces English-speaking audiences to tsuji, who were interpreters in different contexts in Japan and then the Ryukyu Kingdom from the late 16th to the mid-19th century. It comprises seven historical case studies on tsuji in which contributors adopt a context-oriented approach. They aim to explore the function of these interpreters in communication with other cultures in different languages, including Japanese, Dutch, Chinese, Korean, Ryukyuan, English, Russian and Ainu. Each chapter elucidates the tsuji and the surrounding social, political and economic conditions. The book will be of interest to students and scholars of translation and interpreting, but also readers interested in the early modern history of interpreting and cultural exchange. It will similarly appeal to those interested in the Japanese language, but with limited access to books written in Japanese.

Mino Saito is Associate Professor at Juntendo University, Japan. 
Miki Sato is Professor at Sapporo University, Japan.