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Machine Translation and Foreign Language Learning

Machine Translation and Foreign Language Learning

Kizito Tekwa


Verlag Springer-Verlag, 2024

ISBN 9789819986026 , 181 Seiten

Format PDF

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Machine Translation and Foreign Language Learning


The book investigates how machine translation (MT) provides opportunities and increases the willingness to communicate in a foreign language. It is informed by a mixed methods methodological approach that analyzes quantitative and qualitative data of questionnaires and real-time instant messages (IM). The book is unique because it contains tables, figures, and screenshots of actual real-time IM exchanges. It is innovative in discussing IM translation, a novel form of MT, and demonstrates how the technology offers English foreign language learners, in this case, Chinese college students, communication opportunities while increasing their willingness to communicate. The study provides an interesting insight into IM user profiles, clients, and usages. Smartphone screenshots are the locale of the study whose findings have far-reaching implications for students, language and translation instructors, and curriculum designers.

Kizito Tekwa is Canadian. He is a graduate of the School of Translation and Interpretation (STI), University of Ottawa, where he obtained his Ph.D. in Translation Studies in 2018. He has taught at the Official Languages and Bilingualism Institute (University of Ottawa), Graduate Institute of Interpretation and Translation (Shanghai International Studies University), and School of Interpretation and Translation Studies (Guangdong University of Foreign Studies). Currently, he teaches at the School of Foreign Languages (Shenzhen Technology University). He teaches Translation Technology, English Language, and Technical Writing.
His research areas include computer-assisted translation (CAT), machine translation, post-editing, localization, and low-resource languages. He has several SSCI publications in top-level journals including Linguistica Antverpiensia, New Series - Themes in Translation Studies (LANS - TTS), Perspectives, Babel, and Education and Information Technologies. He has also published two textbooks-Writing: A Textbook to Improve Essay Writing and Avoid Chinglish and A Technical Writing Coursebook for College Students- and several book chapters in various Springer book series.