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Sideline Management in Sports

Sideline Management in Sports

Sérgio Rocha Piedade, Mark R. Hutchinson, David Parker, João Espregueira-Mendes, Philippe Neyret


Verlag Springer-Verlag, 2024

ISBN 9783031338670 , 472 Seiten

Format PDF

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139,09 EUR

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Sideline Management in Sports


This book is a comprehensive reference guide for team physicians to manage common or rare clinical issues that may occur on the sidelines and field of play in recreational, professional or elite sports.
Musculoskeletal injuries and health-related clinical issues that may occur on the field of play can directly impact the ability of athletes to safely participate in sport. Indeed, the ability to urgently respond to the myriad of health-related issues is critical during both sideline and event coverage. The variety of challenges may be more prevalent according to the type of sport, the athletes' physical condition, the field of play, the level of competition, as well as the environmental conditions. Initial assessment, proper investigation of athletes' clinical complaints and findings, followed by a well-practiced intervention protocol play an essential role in optimizing the outcome of each case.
Written by an international team of experts, and published in partnership with ISAKOS, this book is an excellent source of knowledge for sports physicians, orthopedists and physiotherapists alike.

Sérgio Rocha Piedade is Associate Professor and the former Head of the Department of Orthopaedics, Rheumatology and Traumatology, and Coordinator of Exercise and Sports Medicine at the School of Medical Sciences of the University of Campinas (FCM/UNICAMP), São Paulo, Brazil. He has extensive experience in the field of exercise and sports medicine, orthopaedic trauma and knee surgery, and holds a specialist degree in Orthopaedics and Traumatology from the Brazilian Society of Orthopaedics and Traumatology, specialist degree in Sports Medicine from the Brazilian Society of Sports Medicine, and a master's degree in Surgery and Sports Medicine and a PhD in Surgery from UNICAMP. He is the former Chairperson of ISAKOS Sports Medicine Committee and currently the President of the Brazilian Society of Orthopaedic and Traumatology - chapter São Paulo/Brazil and Coordinator of the Department of Sports Medicine of Campinas Society of Medicine and Surgery.
Mark R. Hutchinson is a Professor of Orthopedics and Sports Medicine at the University of Illinois at Chicago, where he has served as Head Team Physician for 25 years. He has been named Best Doctor or Top Doctor in the greater Chicago area every year for over a decade, and has received numerous awards for both clinical practice and teaching. He has served various teams over the years including Team USA at two Olympic Games, two World University Games, and the Paralympic games.
David Parker is Associate Professor Parker is actively involved in a number of international orthopaedic and sports medicine organisations, including being the current 2nd vice-president of the International Society for Arthroscopy, Knee Surgery, and Orthopaedic Sports Medicine (ISAKOS), Past President of the Asia Pacific Knee, Arthroscopy and Sports Medicine Society (APKASS), and a board member of the International Anterior Cruciate Ligament Study Group. He is also a Clinical Associate Professor at the University of Sydney.
João Espregueira-Mendes is Professor of Orthopaedic Traumatology and Chairman of the Orthopaedic Department at Minho University, Portugal. He is Director of Clínica do Dragão - Espregueira-Mendes Sports Centre, FIFA Medical Centre of Excellence, FC Porto Dragão Stadium, Portugal. He is also orthopedic surgeon for FC Porto, and a Senior Researcher in ICVS/3B's-PT Government Associate Laboratory.
Philippe Neyret was a Professor at the University of Lyon and was Head of the department at the Centre Livet. He is a member of several medical societies and is the second Vice President of SOFCOT, ESSKA and EFFORT, and General Secretary of the EFORT Foundation. He was also President of ISAKOS.?